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If this is your first time facing a criminal charge, you may be unfamiliar with the criminal process. Each case is different, but they typically follow a common set of stages that begins with retaining a competent criminal defence lawyer to help you navigate your way through the criminal justice system.

Bail hearings, resolution, trial

We handle criminal matters from the time of arrest to the judgment.

We recognize that each case is unique, so we are dedicated to understanding your personal needs and committed to providing you with individualized professional service.

The criminal process is complex, which is why it’s important to have an experienced criminal lawyer walk you through each stage. At Burton Criminal law, our ability to negotiate and prepare a strong defence for your case is what will maximize the chances of a favourable outcome.

We represent people charged with:

All Criminal Code Offences

Quasi-Criminal Offences

Provincial Offences

Gun Offences

Weapon Offences

Domestic Violence Offences


Sexual Assault




Youth Criminal Justice Act

Mental Health Issues

Sexual Interference


Property Offences

Driving Disqualified

Impaired Driving

Break and Enter

Bail Hearings



Drug Offences

Charter Applications

Trafficking in Fentanyl, Heroin, Methamphetamine and Cocaine

Child Pornography

United States Citizens – We assist American citizens who are charged with Criminal Code offences in Canada from the bail hearing stage to trial.

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